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The Story of an Aye Axe men member(NBM) 9


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we usually have a police man who is a member of the NBMM and he helps us transport firearms. He was caught and dismissed. We then devised a new method in transporting them. If we are to transport firearms for example from lagos to ogun, we get a school bag and a nylon bag. We then arrange the guns or cartridges at the trough of the nylon and cover it with raw rice and we tire the nylon bag and place it inside the bag. We will then add clothes and a pair of shoe plus reading books at the top. We then go to a car pack where we have vehicles going to ogun. Drivers do open their boot because of passengers with luggage .

We move close to the vehicle and drop the bag inside the trunk and leave the park. The driver upon seeing the bag will think its for a passenger inside the vehicle. I will then call the guy who is to pick up the package. All he has to do is to sit comfortably close to the park and wait for the vehicle. When he sees the vehicle approaching the park in ogun, he just runs to garage and tells the driver that his friend dropped the bag inside his boot as he wanted to board the vehicle. He dropped the bag and sent to ease him self but he came back and saw you had already gone. I then will call the guy to talk to the driver. The other guy in lagos will start yelling at the driver,


The driver then apologizes and ask for the content of the bag. I then tell him,

Na student bag ooo.. TWO SHIRT AND 3 TROUSERS DEY INSIDE WITH ONE BASKET OF RICE MAKE WE FOR MANAGE OOO. He then open to confirm the clothes and rice and hands over the bag to the guy.

On transporting the bag from Lagos to Ogun, the driver settles Police and so the content of the bag is not checked. But if the guy in OGUN waits at the garage and the driver fails to show up, then it means the passangers and the driver is in trouble as they will be detained because the real owner of the guns and bullet will not board the vehicle with them.


I was the one who changed some Christian songs into black axxe LP ( Black axxe songs ). If you are good in Christian songs, then you should be able to sing these ones.

What a metallic metal x2
He has done metallic things for me
What a metallic metal , what a metallic, he used to do metallic things for me.

Na the metal dey give me office
Na him dem take confirm me
Na the metal dem go use de-axxe me
What my butchers cannot do
What my ihazas cannot do
He will do it again and again

The second one

It’s a miracle working 4 ( gun ) x2
He lighty bagger
He lighty tingle
It’s a miracle working 4

The third one

When black axxxe say yes
Nobody can say noooooo
When they say yes
Nobody can say no

When Black axxe say yes
No BG ( Vikings ) can say no
No BG can say no

Immortal Kf ( korofo )
Invincible Kf ( korofo )
Immortal Kf , how great thou art.

I challenged the other axxe members who wanted the office of the axxe head because of what happened . Two weeks later, we fixed initiation ceremony and we had About 106 JUs for initiation . We where almost done with the initiation when one of the axxe men who wanted the axxe head out brought out a gun and shot at the chief butcher who was also on the side of the axxe head . The chairman Black axxe was against the head and so he wanted to shoot the head directly but he missed and ran into the bush. The axxe head was from kwale umutu and he had a charm that made me fear him, whenever you chase him, all he has to do is to run inside the bush and even if it’s a garden, my brother, you no fit see am again . The intending JUs ran away from the initiation ground without completing the initiation process . The chairman Black axxe was about pronouncing himself axxe head of Kanta Ethiopia when I stopped him,

“ you dey craze , you one declare yourself kpowai ? . Na wintch dey worry you? “

The chief priest was on my side . Already the chief butcher was shot and he ran with gunshot wounds . I had already prepared for the rebelling as I had browsed my M-Y and I knew it’s gonna take place today so I prepared . I brought in my squad from other temples with grade A pump action . The chairman Black axxe never knew I was prepared as he taught I was an Obote .

“ today you ochemba , you go LEGO today . I must drop you today for wetin you do “ ochemba is another word for chairman Black axxe .

I went into the bush and I came back to the initiation ground with my pump action and I stripped myself to just my undies ,

“ Na who one rebel my kpowai there ? “ immediately I wanted to shoot the chairman black axxe , he ran into the bush also . I chased him wth my squad in just my undies and shot at the bush repeatedly just to kill him as he disturbed the initiation Process . The chairman also came with his squad and they came with guns and cutlasses just to fight your fellow axxe men. We shot at each in the bush . I shot at one of the guys who the chairman brought in from Kanem Borno high temple ( auchi polytechnic) and
I condemned his hands . We shout at each other until we lost each other and so I went home with my squad .

The chairman Black axxe went to reinforce other axxe men from other temples for the rebelling . The followed the axxe head to his family house and used battle axxe on his head . He almost died . They went for his chief priest but that one na spiritual as they couldn’t get him. I was the backbone of my kpowai . Even when the head was hospitalized for three months , there was no initiation ceremony as I would have killed someone then if it had happened and someone else became the head . They came home to look for him but I escaped through the ceiling of my room. They where moving from hostel to hostel looking for those supporting the axxe head so they can kill them . The squad I had, I made sure they are tight when it comes to M-Y.


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