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The Story of an Aye Axe men member(NBM) 8


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As an AXee MAN in kanta, You have two weeks on and two weeks off. There was a time we had a articular hit with Green Circuit MF, The fight lasted for 7 Months and only the strong survived. Almost all MFs dropped out of school. Axxeee men werent spared either. I had a test to write in the 4th month of the HIT and i was scared to return to campus. Even the guy i had helped with fortification was almost killed by MFs in school. Guns and cutlasses could not penetrate and so they had to use Blocks and sticks on him. He gathered the last strength remaining to escape. He ran to me with swollen head and i laughed out loud..


I got a call from my class rep and gave me the date of the test. The lecturer in charge was a member of the EIYE confraternity. He was even a third class graduate and was employed due to indigene and king slot. This guy no dey let me rest. Immediately he knew i was a black axxe member, na so lecturer dey set trap for me.. I was parying to KF ( KOROFO ) to please let us have a misunderstanding with the SEC ( eiye ) so we can teach him a lesson. He knew we had issues with MF and it was not yet time to give test, he fixed a date for the test at that period hoping he was gonna get me. The day before the test came, i went straight for spiritual consultation and i fortified my self with a charm known as OBRI ( DARKNESS ) . The guy i used was the first time and so i had to beg my brothers in the hood for additional protection.

ABEG UNA GO MOUNT ME GO WRITE THE TEST OOOO, AYEE AXXEEE MENNNNN… They echoed: AYYEEEEEEEEEEEE. Some of them dropped out the next day and giving me excuses,

Bros i know no say my mama no well self, my sister just call me say dem rush am go hospital…

Egede i for mount you ooooo but my oldman just cry me say make i show family meeting oooo

It was only my friend who had just recently escaped death from the MFs that agreed to go with me. I went back to the M-Y guy ( M-Y, it is a term for charm ) and told him to check properly for me before the time for the test if it was safe for me to go.

abeg you go help me browse well abeg if he go safe for me to go, highest na extra year person go get ( i was already thinking of getting an extra year in cultism , what a life ). I gathered courage and my guy had to go with me. I then took him to the M-Y man for the same charm of darkness. We headed straight to school from the shrine and the lecturer was shocked to see me…

You come write test .. i think say you travel oooo he uttered.
Travel go where….

The test started and he was surprised i wrote the test well. As i was writing the test, my guy went to him and told him straight,


Immediately after the test, i went to my lodge to pick up my clothes and as i walked pass my neigbours in the hostel,they where surprised to see me. My friend was outside with 4 ( GUN ) waiting for me and mounting for me. I was in the bathroom and i saw my neighbour a student making a call behind my bathroom..

HE DON COME BACK… Immediately i heard he don come back, i ran outside with soap all over my body and told my friend we should leave immediately. Immediately we got outside, i saw the boy the i told him,

SO YOU BE MF ABI? NO WORRY NA ME GO USE MY HAND KILL YOU, WAIT MAKE I BLAST HIM HEAD, I immediately held the gun and we jumped into the bush and escaped. I got home and immediately my indigene girlfriend called me to tell me Larry CALLED her that i was around. jeeeezzzzzzzzz, so na rachel this boy go call say i dey house, na so i for kill am throway. The killing ended 7-1 as MFs where angry that 7 of their members died just like that. A particular MF called ejiro… Ejiro was very stubborn and he never left town during the fight. Ejiro was killed with a razor blade as he went to get weed. They sliced his neck with the razor blade and he was breathing like a goat. My God, Cultism sha. The HIT ended after 6 month with cash settlement. The MFs had called for peace talk and normally, the AXXXE men do not peace talk, they kill and kill and let the fight die naturally. But a peace talk was called for by the MF and due to the fact that people had dropped out of school, they had to honour the invitation.

After the peace talk, we returned fully to campus. I was at home and my ARUBA called me and asked me to come to bush bar that something was happening. I hurried to the bush bar and saw the AXXE HEAD sitting down with blood all over him,

WHO BURST MY KPOAI HEAD? ( KPOAI IS A WORD WE USE FOR AXXE HEADS ) WETIN DEY SUP? WHO BE THE MEN DEM ? I echoed out AYYEEEEE AXXXEEEEE MENNNNNN. Then they told me the axxe head went to ashawo quarter and after janetting the otolo ( fuuuucking the otolo ) he refused paying and a fight came up between them and the otolo used a bottle on him. I was surprised and some group of axxeee men came and said the axxeee head should resign….I said NO WAY and that was the beginning of rebelling…another bloody story…


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