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The Story of an Aye Axe men member(NBM) 11


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First of all, all those thinking or trying to think to use those slangs outside , NA OYO BE YOUR CASE.

This is no fairy tale and do not sit back and enjoy my stories without warning those thinking or trying to think of joining cult.

“ It is better to be a complete JU, than to join and renounce “

I have slept in police net more than 2 times during bursting of initiation grounds . I had a charm for alert as i do not trust the chief priest of each temples that invites me for initiation ceremonies. They claim they have protected everywhere for the initiation spiritually so as to avoid police interference during initiations but they lie and all they care about is the money of the intending Ju they plan to Initiate into the movement . My charm alerts me 30 minutes before the police invasion or any trouble coming my way, all I had to do is leave the scene . I stopped altering them to leave because whenever I do , they claim vital .

Me : make jolly pause . Coti(police) one come dive us enter workshop .
Chairman Black axxe : who you be wey dey align Shaffa, my chief priest don clear coast . Him M-Y tight .

I just simply leave the scene and 30mins later , police burst the initiation ground . There was a particular HIT we had with buccaneers at Falkland ( they know what am talking about ) . The HIT was short but rugged . Then it was difficult to locate any buccaneer on campus as the okpolo(eye) we had was only locating and noting Viking and eiye members . A very good friend , Ju name Kess was shot dead by the bucaneers . Due to the difficulty in locating any Alora, we then called for a peace talk to enable them return to campus . Immediately they returned , we sent an eye to one of thier hostels in abraka to map them out. The eye stayed with a ju in the hostel and was always going to church service in the evenings and even the Ju thought he was a born again Christian . He disguised in the hostel and sings Christian songs .

He plays with bucaneers and they laugh together . 3 months after the killing of Kess , the eye then mapped out the 4 of the bucaneers as they sat together outside their hostel enjoying the cool breeze , an external from FJ( uniben ) did the job. He just walked in and killed the four of them. The external is know to only kill bucaneers . There was a time 3 bucaneers were shot dead in a girls room in ekosodin , he did the job. After the killing of those bucaneers, everybody fled town and it was during the exam period . Bucaneers fled, ayesss fled also . It was later settled with cash for the lives wasted .

There was a particular HIT in oghara involving ayesss and vikingsss. The Vikings outnumbered the ayess then and the name of the temple then was gamo high temple but now known as umutu high temple . I was called in as an external and then I was the chairman Black axxe of a forum. I called my squad at the delta state poly oghara if they had guns for the HIT and they said yes but upon reaching there , they had a dumb local pistol with axess and cutlasses. I told them I was gonna go into this HIT with axes alone . I then made calls to my squad in ikpite ( ekiadolor ) for firearms but the location was too far to bring them . I called the chief priest of ikpite to bring them to me .

The chief priest was a known native doctor and that guy can transport firearms from ikpite to any part of this country without issues . He brought the firearms to oghara and he was paid well for the job. I and my squad then called the eye of the temple to map out notable Viking location in the school and thier hostel for easy dropping . Not knowing the Vikings gat information of our presence and they ran off before we got there . They then came into town with thier squad for counter attack . We couldn’t get any Viking member. The axxe head was killed like a cow . His body was butchered and his flesh scattered I don’t of the school gate. They used a girl in warri to set him up. I and my squad wanted to leave but we couldn’t as the Vikings were waiting for us at the car park along the warri sapele road . We had to cross water to escape Jesse town where we fled .

Let me tell you the truth about renounciations .

There is no particular renounciation body or agency just for the sole aim of renounciation . Renounciation has to do with your conscience accepting your wrongs and facing reality . It has to do with changing for the better and if possible , tell God that it’s over with cultism .

Let me tell you a story of what we did to a guy who came to us saying “ I no be egede man again “

He had an accident and his leg was left leg was stitched , we took him to an uncompleted building and we kicked his left leg for one hour with timberland boots . This is called matching in NBM and it is used to treat Bleep Ups or individuals within the Black axxe circle

Me : I don pronounce 60mins match for that man , Na Obote
Alex: you go mercy me my lord , make them mercy me, I dey plead for mercy.

Alex received match for 60mins on that leg he had an accident . The last time I heard from him, he couldn’t walk again.

Alex , anywhere you dey, Abeg forgive me. We dey ignorant that time and Abeg forgive me. If I see you, I go make up to you .

So renounciation from cult group is not done with force , you might loose your life in the process . Canning your location is key to renouncing . Let me tell you the truth , the government do not see cultist as threats , they only see them as nonentities and armed robbers and that’s the reason why you can never get amnesty as cultist but only terrorist get. As a cultist , you do not even have the required firearm to shake just an organization not to talk of a whole country and so why will the government set up an amnesty programme for you ? You do not fight for a course but rather take pleasure in killing each other and counting scores and so why would they care . That is why a cultist is never charged for cultism, they are charged for possession of firearms , attempted murder and murder cases but a terrorist is charged for terrorism . It’s best to be a JU than be a cultist and renounce your membership.


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