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The Story of an Aye Axe men member(NBM) 10


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Those saying am lying should please take this as the truth. You cannot verify my story as a JU and i want you to remain that way because if you go through this, YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE THIS. This post has more than 40K views and i am sure AXXE men must have read this post and they know its the truth and they never challenged me except for the ones warning earlier in this thread to stop it. Please show this to your loved ones and those younger ones thinking of being a cultist. If you have loved ones in school, please do this if you can afford it..Visit them once in a month in school and try to go along with 3 soldiers. When you get into the hostel with the soldiers, the soldiers should tell him to report to them if they have cult related issues.

This will automatically drive the ones around away from him. Most student get cajoled into cultism in their first year as they do not have the right senses to choose between life and death. Its called UNIVERSITY and HIGHER INSTITUTIONS as there are various people all around the world with different character to life. Please ensure your loved ones are safe. I am creating a link where you can report all cult related activities to the DSS and i will be heading the unit. Its a web page and very easy to use. You can also upload pictures of the scene you are reporting. When the link is ready, i will give all nairalanders an added advantage . When you make your report about a cult related crime, just add

” i saw your story on cult related issues on nairaland ”

Once i see this, i will immediately respond to your request asap. I have submitted the proposal but you know how nigeria things be, i still dey wait for approval.

There is fight we had with Vikingss. The fight was so hot that and the scores was already 1-1 . Some group of vikings where imported from their mother deck ( they know what am talking about ) to fight. Jeezz, i have never seen such a war, they where fuuuckinn prepared. Those vikings came into town and they disguised as strong men. They come straight to you and speak like axxxe men…

VIKINGSSS: egede how far ? how you dey? wetin dey sup…
AYEEE: Omo na KF ooo. We thank KF.

They immediately confirm you are an axxe man and they drop you instantly. They where able to drop about 5 ayyeees with this method and the scores became 6-1. Then ayyeesss immediately stopped identification of an unknown face. If you stop an axxe man then and try to communicate with him as an axxxeee man,

You: egede how far?
ayyesss: I know understand wetin this man dey talk , wetin you dey talk?

The security measure was put in place to make sure all ayyess remain safe. We then traced 4 of the vikingss to their mother deckkk and we contacted ayyesss at okemmiri ( uniport ). They where all beheaded and the one who resisted for a long time due to charm as the ayyess at uniport looked for him. They found him 2 months later in a market. He was beheaded and his head was placed in front of the school gate..

We had a short fight with maphite and there was a particular MF guy that was so good to me… IY, May your soul rest in peace. He was a very good person. He helped anybody even if you are a member of a different cult group. There was a quarrel in town and during the process, the maphite guy stabbed the axxe man dead. The next day, we made calls to external axxe men in UDI high temple ( ambrose ali university ) and they came around. Immediately i got information of their whereabout , i hurriedly went to meet them and we sat down together in a bar along the road.

I immediately remembered my friend IY . I got up and told the externals to please give me 2 mins, i went far away from them and called IY to leave town immediately. Immediately i dropped the call, he called his brother and his girl friend and told them they are leaving town with him. They rushed to his hostel and helped him pick up his stuff and arrange them, they got into his car and zoomed off. 20 Mins later, i saw IY in his car with his brother and girl friend. He passed us as we where sitting in the bar, i immediately recognised the car and was happy he his leaving town Suddenly i saw the car driving into a fast food restaurant . I murmured within my self,

Wetin make IY go stop again

He immediately he stepped out of his car, one of the EYES ( NBM office holder in charge of mapping out other cult members ) saw IY, He pointed IY and showed the externals. Note: IY paid his school fees and also gives him money regularly.

eye: That man wey come down from him car na Maphite
externals: The other man , na maphite also?
eye: No na him brother

The externals brought out a gun and followed IY into the fast food. His girl friend asked him to stop his vehicle at the fast food as she wanted fried rice and chicken. The name of the fast food is GENESIS eatery. The externals shot him and his blood spilled on the floor of the fast food. His girl friend and brother both opened the door of the restaurant and ran off.

Please be wise and stay away from cultism. Just like during volcanic eruption, we can only see the lava after eruption. The lava is known as magma before eruption and lava after eruption. No geologist can go into a volcanoe to verify the magma inside because of the great heat. Be wise, its hot in cultism and you will not be able to stand it. The heat made me metamorphose into a changed creation. You might not metamorphose, you might get destroyed by the heat.. BE WISE.


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