What is the difference between transpose and modulation ?

I need to know the difference between transpose and modulation when I play the piano. How can I apply these terms?

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    The difference between modulation and transpose is very clear and distinct. However to transpose is mostly applicable to piano
    players. To transpose is is an act of playing another key on a particular key on the piano.

    Let me make it clearer. Some guys are very familiar with playing the key of C on the piano and they can do virtually anything on
    that key with ease; so if a singer comes on board and chooses to sing on the key of F and the pianist cannot play very well on the
    key of F, this is where the transpose feature on the keyboard comes to help.

    The pianist can just use the transpose feature and configure the settings such that he would play the key of F on the key of C. That’s quiet interesting right. Kindly note that the
    transpose feature is not something you should get used to. It makes you a lazy and unprofessional pianist.

    It is advisable you learn to play all the keys on the piano. It is simple but takes time, focus and practice.

    To modulate is to move from one key to another when you are singing or playing to a song. You can modulate as many times in a
    particular song as long as it is for the voice range of the singers.

    Answered on October 17, 2020.
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