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      What are the required tools I need to learn the drums by myself at home?

      What are the tools I need to buy to practice and learn to play the drums professionally?

      Asked by pianoplayer on October 20, 2020 in Drums.
      1 Answers

      To learn practice playing the drums at your home all by yourself, you only need a few things that I will list below:

      Drum sticks: You can choose to buy a wooden drumstick; I would recommend that you get a quality one. the more expensive it is, the more stronger it is. Many cheap drumsticks get to break easily. If you wan something that would last longer, you can get the plastic or rubber drumsticks. However, it is better if you just get wooden drumsticks. make sure you have a spare at home should incase the one you are using at the moment gets broken.

      Hand Gloves: hand gloves would prevent you from having injuries on your palm when you play for a very long time. Beginners are more susceptible to palm injuries maybe because they do not know how to hold the sticks correctly. However, it is best that you make use an hand glove to be on a safer side. Safety first, safety always.

      Practice drum pads: This should be the first on the list; I do not expect you to buy a real drum set in your apartment, you could be disturbing your neighbors especially if you have your studio in a residential area. You can go ahead and get a real drum set if your studio is fully padded to prevent the sound or noise from getting out of the studio. A drum pad will just be connected to your head set so you can listen to the sound that you produceĀ  alone. Just make sure that you keep the volume low to prevent damage to your hearing.

      Basically these are three things you need to get for your drum practice. Best of luck.

      Answered by everychurchmusic7 on October 20, 2020..