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      The Exodus of Musicians From Church To Club; Who should be blamed?


      Disappointed Church musicians overtime has blamed church leaders for their exit, yes indeed, there is no doubt that the bulk of the blame lies on Church administrators who have been running a New Testament Church with Old Testament format without taking congnance of the responsibilities attached to that old system, such as, welfare of the Priests, Levites, Singers and other temple workers.


       No thanks to Pastors and Bible teachers who have stopped teaching Biblical Christian Ministry and exemplify it in practice and our apostles and prophets who sees musicians as tools for their selfish purpose of attracting crowd and building cathedrals.


      The Greedy and ambitious gospel musicians who assumed Church music to be a ticket to fame and riches should also have themselves to blame for their inability to differentiate between Music Ministry and Music Business.


      I doubt a genuine Christian can be geniuely called into Christian ministry name it music or others and angrily abandon the ministry because he felt abused or misused by a man of God or a church. 


      Why must you honour any ministerial invitation if you do not have personal resources to cover your expenses without grumbling and why must you make any move for music business engagement until your fee is agreed upon? 


      The truth is that most Christian musicians do not even know where they belong to. Leaving Church for club only indicate that there was no clearity of purpose in the first instance. I have been there before.


      Dear musician, you can be a Christian musician and not be a church musician, just as you can be a Christian Doctor without being your church doctor. Do your music business from Monday to Saturday, join your Christian community to worship on Sunday and allow those called to minister in the church to handle the church music ministry, the called music ministers can do it when it pays and when it does not, they are fortified to pay the price of serving God and wait for their rewards. 


      King David was a psalmist and King Solomon was an entertainer with many philosophical and romantic songs credited to him. Both were kings ordained by God, their success and failure wasn’t based on their music engagement but solely on their relationship with God and adherence to His Word.


      The fact that our children learn how to play music in the church is not a guarantee that they will do church music, most of us participated in all of these activities before we  grew to understand what they are all about. Most of our parents only gave us religion and not Christ.

       Parents, I’m sincerely sorry if this hurts, but the reality we must accept is that singing or playing instrument in the church is a calling not something to be imposed on people. As children they can flow with us but we should expect changes as they grow. 


      Church folks who blacklist, blackmail and backstab Christian musicians because they are not singing or playing in the church need to change their attitudes and learn to accommodate members’ decisions to pursue their dreams. We are still same people who will sing “Imela” by Nathaniel Bassey in fellowship and dance to “Iyawo Mi” by Timi Dakolo after church meeting. 


      Let me stop here for now and continue later…


      Yours truly,

      John Olatunji

      Asked by Odeku30 on December 3, 2020 in General Discussion.
      1 Answers

      This is one interesting aspect of church music that people shy away from. Thank you Pastor John for the enlightenment. You can get pastor John’s piano tutorial ebook for beginners here. He is a great teacher too

      Answered by everychurchmusic7 on December 8, 2020..