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      How can I stop having finger injuries when i practice the bass guitar

      Many times when I play the bass guitar, I find out that my fingers become swollen like as if i placed them on a hot surface. How can I avoid these types of injuries.

      Asked by Ope on October 18, 2020 in Bass Guitar.
      1 Answers

      For beginners, you might develop swollen fingers when you begin to practice the bass guitar for the first time. You should stop when you observe that your fingers are sore and give your self a break. If you must play, you should make use of a playtrum to remove the pressure from your fingers.

      However, there are correct ways to handle your musical instrument without having to cause injury to your body; so you should learn about how to place your fingers on the strings and fret board properly.

      If you are having allergic reactions to strings or friction, then you can make use of vinyl or latex gloves to avoid direct contact of the strings with your fingers.

      Answered by everychurchmusic7 on October 18, 2020..