How can i learn guitar solo ?

How can i learn guitar solo?

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    Learning to solo on the guitar 🎸 is not difficult but it takes plenty of time and practice to get something good going. Basically, learn the major scale and the pentatonic scale very well. Learn to play these scales in various forms starting from any string or position on your guitar.

    Build your speed on these scales and practice the scales with many permutations.

    As you practice these scales, learn to sing out the solfa of the notes that play.

    This means that you should be able to sing out what you play.

    Then you should listen to your favorite guitar musicians and try to score the solos that they play in their own songs.

    Memorize it and be perfect with it. That way you would get to understand the system or inspiration they used in building their solos.

    After scoring and memorizing plenty solos; try to build your own solo out of different progressions.

    You would see that you would be unconsciously making use of phrases from solso of those musicians you’ve listen to.

    There are many things that can’t be taught. Music is mainly self discovery. Music is spiritual. Go deeper and make new discoveries my friend.

    Answered on October 26, 2020.
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