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I Feel Like I’m Being Bullied In My Family


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I’m a young man and still living with my parents and sisters. I earn some good amount of money and I’m doing okay for myself, I try as much as I can to help my family out with food stuff for example I’ve helped with 100k for food stuff from now till December and did a little things too like support my mom and help my dad but I’m very unhappy with my sisters and mom.

My sisters always verbally abuse me by insulting me when I don’t do something for them and try to make feel guilty for not giving them what they ask for, when I try to set boundaries like what I don’t like they tell me to shut up that I’m the junior that I’m talking rubbish

Just this Morning while I was still getting up with sleep in my eyes and praying they started banging my door that light meter has finished and I should come and pay but I was confused so I just didn’t respond till I finished praying and came out. Before I did she was already shouting that they should leave me since I don’t want to answer and she’ll put #200 naira own if that what I want.

She injured her leg from the door while she was going out side to do it and now she’s blaming me that I’m the reason why it happened to her, saying I’m still her junior and I don’t have sense that why would I not answer her. I’m shocked and I told her how I’m I the problem and I just literally woke up, I just told them that I hate them and now she’s insulting me more

I don’t respond but I’m getting very angry at this and I’m looking for a way to leave the house and relocate, they are my older sisters and they don’t even work or do anything but I don’t say it to their faces but I don’t see why they don’t give me mutual respect at all


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